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SEO Tips – Your Websites Title Tag

First let me explain what a title tag is for those who do not know. The title tag is the link that you see on the search engine results page (SERP), it is just like a newspaper headline so it should grab the users attention. You set the title of a page on your website with the tags. You should develop a different title tag for every page on your website, this tag should focus on what the user will find there.

For example if you have a clothing site your homepage may warrant a title like -Jim’s Discount Clothing | Great Clothes at a Great Price –

A subpage for sweaters should let the user know that page is about just that – Jim’s Discount Sweaters | The Best Price for Sweaters Anywhere -

A deeper page from the sweaters page that is all about wool sweaters - Jim’s Discount Wool Sweaters | Sweaters made from 100% Angora Wool -

Remember that your home page may not always be the page that ranks highest for a particular keyword so by properly defining the title of each page you not only give more information to the search engines but to the visitor.

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