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The severe impact of using Black Hat SEO techniques

An online entrepreneur would like his website to be the first name in the result that search engines throw up for relevant topics. At times, you must have come across a certain Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) that guarantees a place of your website in the top 10 results. This is exactly what you want, but exactly something you musn’t buy!

No company on earth can assure you a forefront place in the search engines. There exists no SEO tools that can make your site attain overnight popularity, but what exists are merely some tricks, which some SEO firms use to make some quick bucks. However, their ‘work’ will do your site anything but good. Assume that this works and your site is right on the top of the search results, and stays for quite a period of time. But eventually the search engines come across these tricks and will impose a penalty. That’s what a black hat SEO is – fooling the search engines. For the benefit of one’s own business, one should shy away from such SEO firms and avoid the following things:

Overstuffing pages with keywords:
Cramming the pages of your website with the main keywords and offering little more then a page of ‘tags’ will get search engines to drop you in a heartbeat.

Invisible/ Hidden Text:
This is almost the same as cramming the key words. Invisible text is considered a serious no-no by the search engines and can be extremely harmful for your website, so why use it in the first place?

Doorway pages:
These are the non-existent or the fake pages which are designed for specific words or phrases which are viewed mainly by the search engines rather than the visitors. The entire logic behind the building of a Search Engine Optimizer is to enhance the experience of the user, and getting web pages that no living person can ever view will surely not be viewed well. Many main search engines like Google, etc. have severe policies to combat doorway pages.

Link Farms:
Many popular search engines are against artificial linking like link stuffing and link farms, etc. So linking farms will do nothing but get your site banned from the database of the search engine.

It can be concluded that whatever the search engines view as being spam or junk, is banned by them. Most of the techniques are bound to get you result in the short-term, but in the long-run, a ban or a flag is all that you will get. Moreover, using a black hat SEO also raises serious doubts on the credibility of your website and business that you’re pursuing online.

So rather than opting for a SEO, its better to get your site fixed by page optimization. And while doing it, it’s better not to keep in mind the search engines. The main priority should be the benefit of your end-customers. If you’re being loyal to them, the net result will automatically follow and instead of gaining popularity by immoral means, you’ll gain it even without these SEO, and the search engines respect that!

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